My mom say that everyone has a beautiful side. So I guess I’m a circle.

Flirty Dangerous Crushing

I have this friend

this guy friend

and i’ve liked him

for basically

since i met him

and it’s really annoying

cos we flirt, laugh, cuddle

we cuddle on the coach

watching movies

we tickle each other

well i try to tickle him but hes not ticklish

we make each other laugh

and we flirt uncontrollably

but he doesn’t like me

and i basically love him

but he’d never like me

infact he likes my friend

over me and he’s never met her 

And i dont no what to do

i pretend not to care

i pretend not to be sad

i pretend to be happy

but then we’ll hang out




and it will feel like we have a forever

but will we?

will we ever?

i guess not

crushing hurts

especially when your being crush